Cape Breton Heli tours

From a quick trip around the Bras d'Or Lakes to taking in breath taking views around the cabot trail Celtic Air Services can offer you that exact experience. You will not forget the memories made while taking in spectacular scenery of Cape Breton from a whole new level. Check out CapeBretonHeliTours and don't forget to contact us with any questions you may have. See you in the air!

Air Show

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting an Air Show featuring the Canadian Forces Snow birds coming to you on May 30th 2018! If you would like to find out more information on schedule, parking, site map and vendors available for this upcoming event check out  AirShowCapeBreton!

Can pass

Need more information in regards to making your trip to see us just a little bit less stressful? Customs is available at the Port Hawkesbury Airport, although it is not a “designated airport of entry”, Custom services can be performed. We encourage all to contact CANPASS, as it is a private aircraft program for making clearing the border easier. It requires that you have no more than 15 people on entry                  ( including crew members). CANPASS is specifically for flights entering into Canada from the United States. This program allows passengers and crew to access more airports (that may or may not be secured) and provides them with clearances for low risk, pre-screened travelers. It is the pilots responsibility once landed to contact CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) to receive clearance so that passengers and crew can proceed to there final destination, if/when approved. If CBSA fails to clear you, chances are the aircraft will be greeted with a CBSA officer. Check out Can- Pass to find out more of the information you may need for your furture adventure.